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2020, December 5th meeting例会報告


Today, we have an online meeting with 3 guests; 1 from overseas and 2 are from Japan.


一つ目のスピーチはEさんによるアイスブレーカースピーチの再挑戦です。Eさんの大好きな3T(Taiwan, Table tennis, Travelling)の魅力を写真と共に紹介。Eさんのアクティブな側面が伝わってきました。


First Session is Japanese. 1st speaker is E san. She challenges the ice breaker speech again. She introduces her favorite 3T (Taiwan, Table tennis, Travelling) with beautiful pictures. We can feel her active features.

2nd speaker is T.K. san. She talks about her value for money. We are very interested in her past success of investment. Her motto is that she will use unearned income for self-development. How nice motto it is!



The theme of table topics is “winter.” Y.I. san, who grew up in the northern part of Japan, talks about the warmth and beauty of the fire. H.M. san explains merits of “Nabe.” It’s a nice dish because we don’t have to consider other dishes. In winter, warm things warm up us!



In the individual evaluation session, T.I. san evaluates E san’s speech and says, “I really want to know you much more!” Y.T. san honestly says to T.K. san, “I envy you your success in investing!”


In English session, we enjoy introduction speeches from 7 members. We meet once in 2 weeks, but there are many things we don't know about each other! Today, we know each other much more!



日本語の部のベストスピーチ賞はEさん Japanese best speech award: E san

ベストスピーチタイトル賞はT.K.さん Best speech title award: T.K. san

ベストテーブルトピック賞はY.I.さん Best table topic speech award: Y.I. san

ベスト論評賞はY.T.さん Best evaluator award: Y.T. san

英語の部のベストショートスピーチ賞はY.I.さんB est short speech award: Y.I. san

ユニーク賞はN.T.さん、H.I.さん、T.K.さん Unique award: N.T. san, H. I. san, T. K. san


Thank you very much for your wonderful speeches!


Next meeting will be held on December 19. This is the last meeting in 2020.

Let’s enjoy together!!!



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