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2020, November 7th meeting例会報告

最終更新: 2020年11月10日

20秒でわかる今日の例会⇒ https://vimeo.com/476610980

今日は新しいメンバーCさんが入会♪ ますます楽しくなる赤羽クラブ。

Today we get a new member, C san! Our club becomes more and more enjoyable!


Today’s TMOM is H.M. san. This is the first time she takes this role, but she successfully managed sudden absence of a few members. Her smile makes us feel bright.


Today, we start from Japanese session. Today’s word of the morning is 「穏当(responsible)」. We know the word, but It's a hard word to use.


Japanese speaker is N.T. san. He talks about the U.S.A., the hottest country in the world now. He's been to every state in the U.S. except Hawaii! Based on this experience, he says, “There’s no one country as “America”.” His words expresses diversity of the U.S.


Today’s table topic theme is “age.” “What kind of change do you feel as you get old?” “What things have you been able to do as you've gotten older?” “What is Corona generation?” Each speaker introduces his/her thought toward life.


E san challenges her first evaluation. She watches N.T. san’s speech very carefully and gives sharp analysis!


Today’s word of the morning is “sustainable.” Sustainability is important.


An English speaker is K.A. san. This is her last speech for her second Path. She summarizes her findings into 3 Ps; “Purpose, Preparation, & personal values”.


Today’s table topics are related to bath. “Best memory of bath” “A song you sing in the bath” “About soap” Unexpected topics trouble speakers. “I don’t sing in the bath!” President M san cries!


Individual evaluator Y.I. san praises K.A. san’s good preparation and asks her “How do you keep your motivation?” Yes, keeping motivation is the key!

今日のベストスピーチタイトル賞はN.T.さん Best speech title award: N.T. san

今日のベストテーブルトピックス賞はT.I.さんTable topic speech award: Y.I. san

(He is the king of table topics!)

今日のベスト論評賞はY.I.さん Best evaluator award: Y.I. san

今日のベストスピーカー賞はK.A.さん Best speaker: K.A. san

でした。おめでとうございます! Congratulations!


Next meeting will be held on November 21st.




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